Privacy Policy of Immigrant Management System (IMS)

1. Private Policy

The General Department of Immigration (GDI) has recognized the importance of privacy like the importance of keeping secret information for immigrants. This policy is implemented for any immigrants’ information that those provide to the immigration department and the purpose of usage is to control immigrants who live in kingdom of Cambodia and not disseminate those information in public. For those who can use those information is only immigration officials and competent authority.

2. Information collection

The information that collected from immigrants who in kingdom of Cambodia included name, gender, address, Place of Birth (POB), relations, and certain of information that can be used for the interest of system usage. That information directly obtains from all provinces and capitals and has verified and assessment for accuracy by the official then insert into IMS database control system.

3. Date usage

The data has used for verified immigrants’ identification and produce permanent card for providing to those immigrants who permanently live and livelihood in kingdom of Cambodia. Those who has the right to use the data is competent authority to control the immigrants in kingdom of Cambodia who defined the various rights. The competent authority can use the data that in the existing system in the purpose of security and public orders maintain and all immigrants’ control in kingdom of Cambodia.

4. Security action

The police officer who has the right to use the IMS system unless he or she received the approval from his or her units- institution by competing personal information then create user code and password in order to access to the system and has the various rights by unit-institution det